Liver Fractions™ - 90 Capsules
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Liver Fractions™ - 90 Capsules

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Liver Fractions delivers absorbable, energizing, and blood-building iron that is easy on the stomach.

This formula features predigested beef liver concentrate extract from animals raised in Argentina without the use of chemical sprays, pesticides or antibiotics. Combined with the active forms of folate and vitamin B12, and a non-toxic and non-constipating iron, Liver Fractions offers outstanding support for cognitive and cardiovascular health, along with support for energy and stamina.*

  • Helps support healthy red blood cell production
  • Supports endurance, stamina, and athletic recovery*
  • Highly absorbable heme iron PLUS iron chelated to glycine
  • Active vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin
  • Bioavailable folate that works synergistically with B12

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