Rusk THICKr Styling Mousse

Rusk THICKr Styling Mousse

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A customer left a bottle of this in our salon and we decided to try a little (don't tell her we did) and we instantly fell in love.  Not only does it leave the hair feeling healthy, but it gives SOOOO much body to limp and lifeless hair.  A new favorite - we immediately went out to buy a replacement bottle for our customer and they only had one left..... hmmmm - maybe other people know what we now know!!!  It really works. 

THIS IS WHAT RUSK SAYS ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT:  A thickening mousse that provides optimum body, texture and hold without buildup, RUSK® Thickr® Thickening Mousse delivers healthy-looking shine to fine, limp or lazy hair. Thickr Mousse contains naturally derived ingredients that dynamically bond to hair to thicken its appearance while moisturizing the hair.

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