Retrain Your Fine, Oily Hair

Some of my most frequently asked questions are “How can I get more good hair days between washes?” or “Which products should I use to give me more volume?” These are all concerns that I had when I was lost in the abyss of finding the perfect solutions for myself. Fortunately, through my own struggles, I’ve found the most effective products so you don’t have to.

First, we have to tackle the problem at the source, the scalp. In order to obtain healthy hair you need to have a healthy scalp. Apply L’anza’s Scalp Balancing Treatment directly on your scalp and leave it in to work its magic. This formula calms and balances skin to help oxygenate and encourage a healthier scalp with its soothing blend of coconut water and nurturing lavender oil.

On days that you wash your hair and you want to take volume to the next dimension, use Amika’s 3D Volume and Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner combo. This shampoo thoroughly cleanses and plumps the hair from root to tip, without drying or weighing it down. Seriously, if you’re looking for that bombshell Hollywood type volume and shine, this is the remedy you need.

Let’s be honest, every hair care video we watch or article we read, we are told to not wash our hair everyday. A simple google search will prove this theory correct, washing your hair too often can strip its natural oils and dry it out. So, to get an extra day or two in between washing use Amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo, it’s literally the closest thing to washing your hair without water. It absorbs oil and refreshes hair with natural rice starch, and does not leave white residue behind like other dry shampoos. Of course, how frequently one washes their hair depends on the person’s hair type. Integrative dermatologist Elizabeth Hughes, states that you should “wash it when it is oily and feels unclean to the touch.”

Follow these steps and use these products, I guarantee that your hair will thank you and you will love the outcome.

QickTips to boost your hair growth:


Disclaimer: Everyone has different hair care needs, therefore some products may work better for one group than another. If you have any questions for your type of hair don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you with our experience proven recommendations.

by Stephanie Jendrzejewski

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